Music Magic: Ana Roxanne

Photograph by Jillian Freyer

Listen to Ana Roxanne on Bandcamp.

Dancing friends: there is so much music we will never hear because the airways are inundated with mostly the same big name artists. But that music represents such a small fraction of the talent in our world! My intention here is to highlight some of the young and new, but comparatively unknown artists that I enjoy listening and dancing to.

According to Google: “Ana Roxanne Recto is an American experimental and ambient musician and singer who is “known for her blend of jazz, choral, electronic, and Hindustani sounds, and thematic exploration of self-concept and gender identity.”

Her etherial voice and unhurried melody creates a softly relaxing and meditative mood with an occasional hint of edginess. For those of you who join me in the dance, look for this tune in the “floor play” cycle of an upcoming class.

Of Filipino descent, Ana Roxanne was raised Catholic in a predominantly Filipino community in Vallejo a city in the San Francisco Bay area where she was home schooled Her musical training was predominantly classical and jazz.

Ana Roxanne, photo by Rich Lomibao

You can learn more about Ana Roxanne in this excellent writeup from “The Radiant Slowness of Ana Roxanne.

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