Hear from happy Clients


Dominique is wonderful - I can't say enough good things about her.    She has motivated me to continue working out because of her enthusiasm and creativity and knowledge about fitness.    Her classes are the highlight in my week!!    

Chris Hosman

If anyone has the winter blues, I wanted to let you know about Dancing with Dominique, which will cure your blues and blahs. The wonder of Zoom is that wherever in the world you live you can experience the thrill and exhilaration of dancing with the remarkable Dominique, a longtime Ann Arbor resident. It's a unique combination of movement forms:  part dance, part tai chi, part yoga, part pure joy. You can be a total beginner, like me, or a skilled dancer and get an equal amount of joy from her classes. She really is unlike any other dance teacher--empathic and inspiring in her grace and imagination. Try it, and you'll be amazed.

Margaret (Peggy) Somers

University of Michigan

Dominique inspires me!  I followed her from the studio to Zoom. In a fun and creative way she helps me to move far more than my daily walks require.  Her agility, joyful music and liveliness all inspire.

Leslee Cassel-Bonilla

Dance with Dominique has taught me how to appreciate my body and how to move gracefully and without inhibition. I leave each session refreshed in mind, body, and spirit.

Vi Benner

Amazing Instructor. She is passionate about her classes and it shows. Dancing with Dominique is sure to bring you joy.  It really is a great work out and is easy on the joints.

Sarah Kreiner

The Mix Studios

When I'm in Ann Arbor, I like to attend Dominique's classes. I always leave feeling positive and powerful.

Pamela Murray

Dominique is so joyful and exuberant that I am always inspired to push myself into that zone of joyful movement.  She never pushes one too hard, nor expects perfection.  I feel as though she opens doors to creativity and movement.

Janet Osborn